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The HPH Schools (Summer, Autumn, or Winter) are opportunities to gain insights and inspiration in the area of Health Promotion (HP) in hospitals and health services. The HPH Schools are yearly recurring events that target National/Regional HPH Coordinators, HPH Hospital/Health Service Coordinators, HPH Task Force Leaders and Members, as well as other interested health care providers and administrators.

The HPH Schools are structured as a combination of lectures from highly qualified experts on research and implementation, workshops, group work, and plenum discussions. This facilitates a close collaboration and sharing of experience, and it allows the participants to get inspired, get involved hands-on, and get ready to do a real difference with their own HP work. 

The HPH Schools take place all over the world, and they are hosted collaboratively between the Clinical HEalth Promotion Centre in Copenhagen (who host the HPH secretariat) and the relevant National/Regional Network. Below, you can read more about the upcoming HPH Schools and download material from the past ones. 

Upcoming HPH Schools

May 28, 2019: HPH Summer School, Warsaw, Poland

- Hands-on implementation of health promotion in health care.

Introduction to program

Past HPH School

June 4-5, 2018: HPH Summer School, Bologna, Italy

- How to disseminate and implement new evidence in health care


April 10-11, 2017: HPH Summer School, Vienna, Austria

 - Masterclass on setting up Evidence-based Health Promotion projects in Hospitals and Health Services 



June 6-7, 2016: HPH Summer School, Connecticut, USA

- Fast-Track Implementation of Health Promotion in Hospitals & Health Services


June 8-9, 2015: HPH Summer School, Oslo, Norway

- Be strategic in your HPH work 


May 20-21, 2013: Summer School Gothenburg, Sweden 

- Promoting a Healthy Workplace

Read more here


21 May 2013: National/Regional HPH Coordinators Summer School in Gothenburg, Sweden

2012: Summer School in Taiwan

Support Implementation of Health Promotion - Teach, Change and Make Visible



2012: National/Regional HPH Coordinators' Summer School in Taiwan

Workshop on exchange of knowledge and experience



2012: Winter School in Thailand

Networking and Collaboration for HPH Sustainability: Better Health Gain for Patients, Staff, and Community



2011: Autumn School 2011 in Taipei, Taiwan

First advanced course for the participating departments in the HPH Recognition Process. The participants got a throurough project walkthrough and had the opportunity to share and exchange knowledge and ideas in relation to implementation. The Autumn School featured a combination of lectures and workshops.


2011: Autumn School in the Czech Republic

First big opportunity for the Czech health professionals to share and exchange inspiration in the area of HP and health services in hospitals. The Autumn School is a combination of lectures and workshops and was held at the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Download Program


2011: Summer School in Finland

Download Program

2011: National/Regional HPH Coordinators Summer School  in Finland

This workshop was part of the usual Summer School but open only to National/Regional HPH Coordinators. 

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