The updated standards for Health Promotion in Hospitals and Health services

Having been long underway and long expected, the standards are now expected to be launched in early 2019.

The development process has been extensive and it started with a WHO Europe call in 2015 for proposals to research centers regarding the task of updating/revising.


Clinical Health Promotioon Centre (WHOCC) in Copenhagen won the call, and conducted the task in the following stages in 2016-2017:

  1. Literature searches, grey literature review and production of alpha-version

  2. Pilot testing of the alpha-version manual in clinical settings (11 settings, 9 countries)

  3. Revision and production of beta-version manual

  4. Establishment of a Task Force on implementation and monitoring

  5. Workshop in HPH at the conference in Vienna 2017

  6. Incorporation of research results from the RCT on effect of implementing the WHO standards and indicators – close to the alpha version - using the fast-track implementation

  7. Expert hearing on the beta-version manual (22 invited topic experts from WHO, HPH and beyond)

  8. Revision, sub-contracting of topic experts and production of beta 2.0-version manual (including subcontracting of two topic experts for additional needed work on the specific areas of environmental sustainability and health equity).

  9. In December 2017, the Centre had finalized and the document was sent to WHO Europe.


Finalization took longer than expected and is now ongoing in HPH, since it was decided that they will be an HPH publication (including dialogue in GB, new hearing round in the HPH Network, adjustment accordingly, editing and layout).


We hope the new document will be well-received.

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