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HPH Progress Report 2017-2018: HPH Children and Adolescents Task Force




The HPH Constitution (2008) for the International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services states that one of the tasks of a HPH Task Force is: “To periodically deliver a progress report to the Governance Board.” (Refer to 1.4. Mission and Obligations, HPH Constitution)


For the purposes of this activity:


  • The period for progress reports to be delivered is every two years.

  • A progress report is defined as a report on efforts to assist hospitals/health services to ”incorporate the concepts, values, strategies and standards or indicators of health promotion into the organizational structure and culture of the hospital/health service." (Refer to Mission, HPH Constitution)


The aims of Progress Reports are:

  1. To provide a mechanism for HPH networks and taskforces to share information, knowledge and experience

  2. To contribute to an assessment of the achievement of objectives by the International HPH Network

  3. To help identify priorities for future action by the International HPH Network.

This survey refers to activities in the period 2017-2018.


All data will be made publicly available.



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Part 1: Administrative information



1A. Task Force contact details

  • Task Force Coordinator name: -Ilaria Simonelli

  • Phone: - 0039 3274743553

  • E-mail: - ilariasimonelli79@gmail.com

  • Address: - via Sommarive, 9 - 38123 Trento (IT)

  • Website: https://www.hphnet.org/index.php?Itemid=374&option=com_content&id=298%3Ahph-ca-task-force-members&catid=10&view=article (offline)

  • Name of Coordinating Institution: 


1B. Task Force administrative details

  • Task Force establishment: 2004

  • Expiration of Task Force agreement: 05/04/2019

  • Number of current Task Force members: 26

  • My list of members on hphnet.org is up to date: yes

  • Number of new members in 2017: 2

  • Number of new members in 2018: 1

  • Number of ceased members in 2017: 1

  • Number of ceased members in 2018: 0





Part 2: Task Force progress



2A. To what degree has my Task Force put the HPH mission, purpose and objectives into practice?


  1. Choose one option

  • Not at all

  • A little bit

  • Moderate

  • Quite a bit

  • Completely

Please elaborate here:

We have identified an activity plan and reached the results. 



2B. How is my Task Force organized and how do we work?


Please elaborate here:

The Task Force meets every year in occasion of the International HPH Conference. Unfortunately, due to lack of resources, other meetings have to take place via Skype. The Task Force discusses ideas to be realized during the year (via Skype, mail, Conference) and counts on the availability of Task force members to carry out its tasks. 


2C. What has been the aim of my Task Force?


Please elaborate/list projects here:

Mission: to apply HPH principles and criteria to the specific issues of health promotion for children and adolescents in & by hospitals, providing an organic conceptual and operational framework for institutions, decision-makers, healthcare organizations and their professionals, social workers.


Our main project has been the definition of Standards for Children's and Adolescents' health promotion in hospitals and healthcare services (we have published a small article and preparing a position paper on our work).

We have continued to work on scientific publications in the field of children's participation. We are preparing a paper on this issue. 


We participate in conferences and events to promote the Task Force activity.



2D. What were my Task Force's main achievements and lessons learned?


Please elaborate here:

1. Definition of an International validated tool on children's health promotion;

2. Scientific Publications on children's participation and on standards;

3. Task Force activities promotion.



2E. Global HPH Strategy 2016-2018


My Task Force worked with the Global Strategy: yes


Specifically, priority was given to

  • (Priority 1 on implementation of updated WHO-HPH Standards: NB not applicable due to delay with document)

  • Priority 2 on HPH awareness and capacity: yes

  • Priority 3 on HPH development and sustainability:yes

My Task Force has supported members with fulfilling the Global Strategy: yes


My Task Force acheived the following strategy goals

  • Priority 2 on HPH awareness and capacity

A-I) Task Force members participated at local HPH day: yes 

B-I) Task Force members participated in discussion of the role of coordinators at HPH assembly: yes

B-II) Task Force members received the translated/locally adapted final document: yes

C) Stakeholder analysis made by Task Force: no

D-I) Task Force members received translated/locally adapted HPH Member Packages: not clear

D-II) At least 2 local decision makers received translate/locally adapted HPH package: not clear

E) Own website updated at least 4 times with news, information and experiences: website is offline otherwise yes, it's updated

F) Best practices/good ideas collected and reported at HPH general assembly, hphnet.org or here in progress report: yes

  • Priority 3 on HPH development and sustainability

A-I) Task Force participated in discussion and development of member benefits: yes/no

A-II) Translated/locally adapted HPH brochure describing the benefits of membership received by my members: yes/no

B-I) Hospitals nationally/regionally with potentially interest in HPH were listed: yes/no

B-II) Contact was established and HPH information was sent to at least 2 potential new members: yes

C) Best practices/good ideas collected and reported at HPH assembly, hphnet.org or here in Progress Report: yes


If you wish to share your experiences in this regard, please feel free to elaborate here:

<you can answer in writing or by, for instance, adding a video presentation here>



2F. How did my Task Force use the WHO-HPH Standards?


My Task Force prioritized working with the standards: yes


If yes, priority was given to:

  • Standard 1 on Management policy: yes

  • Standard 2 on Patient assessment: yes

  • Standard 3 on Patient information and intervention: yes

  • Standard 4 on Promoting a healthy workplace: yes

  • Standard 5 on Continuity and cooperation: yes

My Task Force has supported members with using the standards for quality improvement: yes


If you wish to share your experiences in this regard, please elaborate here:

<you can answer in writing or by, for instance, adding a video presentation here>



2G. Standards developed by HPH Task Forces


My Task Force has developed standards in our topic area: yes


If yes, they are avaliable at this URL: (our website is offline and many documents are missing. We will publish updates when possible)


My Task Force has worked with other relevant standards: EACH, Un CRC, CoE, SEMT, HPH-WHO


If you wish to share your experiences in this regard, please feel free to elaborate here:

<you can answer in writing or by, for instance, adding a video presentation here>

In the definition process for our standards we studied several international documents and references. Some of those can be considered standards and have been helpful in defining our tool.







Part 3: Sharing of knowledge and experience



3A. Additional strategy, priorities and focus areas of my Task Force

My Task Force focused on:

1. Standards

2. Children's participation

3. TF activities promotion

4. Publications



3B. My Task Force's connection to National/Regional health policies and strategies

  • My members experience that HPH is a priority nationally/regionally in their health policies, laws and regulations: no

  • Changes in national/regional health policies have directly influenced my members' activities: yes

  • My members experience that their national/regional health systems are supportive of the development of HPH: no

  • My Task Force members have received recognition/acknowledgment from public authorities/health systems: yes

If you wish to share your experiences in this regard, please feel free to elaborate here:

<you can answer in writing or by, for instance, adding a video presentation here>



3C. Availability of Task Force documents in local languages


My Task Force has ensured translation of the following documents: SEMT (Self evaluation model and tool)


We would like the following Task Force documents to be made available in local languages too: Children's and adolescents' Health promotion standards



3D. My Task Force's untapped resources and needs for further support


My Task Force has untapped resources that could help contribute to the International HPH Network’s fulfilment of its objectives by:

<you can answer in writing or by, for instance, adding a video presentation here>


The International HPH Network, the HPH Governance Board and the HPH Governance Assembly could better support my Task Force by:

1. Providing opportunities and spots (e.g. website alerts, mails, HPH specific app) to update the International network on results achieved;

2. Providing small budgets for TFs meetings, in partnership with national available enterprises, universities, hospitals interested in hosting the works of International Task Forces. 


3E. Final comments and ideas


Final comments and ideas from my Task Force are:

The Task Force activities have been proceeding well despite the lack of resources. The TF has been working very well in partnership with the Italian HPH network which proved to be an asset to make the TF activities known and its tools used. We look forward receiving more and more support also from the Secretariat, even if they are already doing a wonderful and appreciated job. For example, it would be useful for us if the secretariat provided an 'advertising spot' on its web page or via e-mail saying that the Task force has produced new tools or new publications and so on. The same goes for other TFs as well (maybe). A little bit more of internal communication would be useful in terms of 'things that have been done'. I believe we are a great community and we should work and communicate as such.It would also be useful to find and engage universities or enterprises interested in providing small budgets to host TFs and Working groups meetings. Thank you!




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