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HPH Progress Report 2017-2018: Emilia Romagna




The HPH Constitution (2008) for the International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services states that one of the tasks of a National/Regional HPH Network is: “To periodically deliver a progress report to the Governance Board.” (Refer to 1.4. Mission and Obligations, HPH Constitution)


For the purposes of this activity:


  • The period for progress reports to be delivered is every two years.

  • A progress report is defined as a report on efforts to assist hospitals/health services to ”incorporate the concepts, values, strategies and standards or indicators of health promotion into the organizational structure and culture of the hospital/health service." (Refer to Mission, HPH Constitution)


The aims of Progress Reports are:

  1. To provide a mechanism for HPH networks and taskforces to share information, knowledge and experience

  2. To contribute to an assessment of the achievement of objectives by the International HPH Network

  3. To help identify priorities for future action by the International HPH Network.

This survey refers to activities in the period 2017-2018.


All data will be made publicly available.



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Part 1: Administrative information



1A. Network contact details

  • Network Coordinator name: Antonio Chiarenza

  • Phone: +390522335087

  • E-mail: antonio.chiarenza@ausl.re.it

  • Address: Via Amendola 2, 42124 Reggio Emilia

  • Website: www.ausl.re.it

  • Name of Coordinating Institution: Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale di Reggio Emilia (Local Health Authority di Reggio Emilia)

  • Address: Via Amendola 2, 42124 Reggio Emilia

  • Emails to other HPH persons in the network:

  • E-mail (If different from coordinator’s):

  • Phone (If different from coordinator’s):

  • Institution Website: www.ausl.re.it


1B. Network administrative details

  • Network establishment: 14/06/2016

  • Expiration of network agreement: 14/06/2020

  • Number of current Network members: 14

  • My list of members on hphnet.org is up to date: no

  • Number of new members in 2017: None

  • Number of new members in 2018: None

  • Number of ceased members in 2017: None

  • Number of ceased members in 2018: None





Part 2: Network progress



2A. To what degree has my network put the HPH mission, purpose and objectives into practice?


  1. Choose one option

  • Not at all

  • A little bit

  • Moderate X

  • Quite a bit

  • Completely

Please elaborate here:

The Regional Network organizes regular meetings with all the HPH contact person of each local health organization to compare and monitor the development of activities and project on health promotion in hospitals and health services.

Moreover the coordination advertises and seeks to involve members in the activities of research and in multi-centre projects.Furthermore, our Network disseminates concept of health promotion in hospitals and health services through the collaboration and the partnership with other sectors such as the Public Health Department.

This year we are going to present the new regional HPH programme to our network members and the regional governament. The new programme aims at stregthening the inclusion of the principles, concepts and methods of health promotion into clinical practice with a specific focus on the following areas of care: Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Cancer care, chronic respiratory diseases.



2B. How is my network organized and how do we work?


Please elaborate here:

Since 2016 the regional coordination is hold by the Local Health Authority of Reggio Emilia with Antonio Chiarenza, acting as regional coordinator and Benedetta Riboldi responsible of the regional coordinating centre of Emilia-Romagna.

From  2011, each regional health care unit in the HPH regional network appointed its own HPH contact person. This person sits on a steering committee that is regularly convened by the regional coordinator to systematically discuss the subject of promoting health with all health care units, to share experiences and work togheter and to define common activities and projects.



2C. What has been the aim of my network?


Please elaborate/list projects here:

The main aim of the Emilia-Romagna network has been the sistematic inclusion of health promotion in the the 14 health care organisations of the region both at organisational level and operational level. The projets we would like to implement with the new programme are:

  • Health promotion pathways in cancer care in collaboration with the Italian League against Cancer (LILT)

  • Health promotiong pathways addressing healthy life styles in cardiovascular care.

  • Health promotiong pathways addressing healthy life styles in chronic respiratory care.

  • Health promotiong pathways addressing healthy life styles in diabetes care.

  • Patient and user engagement and participation in health promoting initiatives

  • Staff health promotion

  • Gender medicine



2D. What were my network's main achievements and lessons learned?


Please elaborate here:


Participation to the 25th Internationl HPH conference in Vienna with contributions from different local health organizatons of the network.

Participation the HPH National HPH network in Aosta focussing on Gender medicine.

Organisation the 26th international HPH conference in Bologna (6th-8th June 2018)

Contribution to the implementation of the Regional Prevention Plan with a focus on equity and equity impact assessment of prevention plans.



2E. Global HPH Strategy 2016-2018


My network worked with the Global Strategy: yes/no


Specifically, priority was given to

  • Priority 1 on implementation of updated WHO-HPH Standards: NB not applicable due to delay with document)

  • Priority 2 on HPH awareness and capacity: yes

  • Priority 3 on HPH development and sustainability: yes

My network supported members with fulfilling the Global Strategy: no (this is due to start with the launch of the new HPH regional programme)


My network acheived the following strategy goals

  • Priority 2 on HPH awareness and capacity

A-I) Organised at least 1 local HPH day: yes

A-II) Local policy level participated in HPH day: yes

A-III) Informed local policy level of HPH: yes

B-I) Participated in discussion of the role of coordinators at HPH assembly: yes

B-II) Members received the translated/locally adapted final document: no

C) Stakeholder analysis made by network: no

D-I) Members received translated/locally adapted HPH Member Packages: no

D-II) At least 2 local decision makers received translate/locally adapted HPH package: no

E) Own website updated at least 4 times with news, information and experiences: yes

F) Best practices/good ideas collected and reported at HPH general assembly, hphnet.org or here in progress report: yes, at the International HPH conference

  • Priority 3 on HPH development and sustainability

A-I) Participated in discussion and development of member benefits: yes/no

A-II) Translated/locally adapted HPH brochure describing the benefits of membership received by my members: yes/no

B-I) Hospitals nationally/regionally with potentially interest in HPH were listed: yes/no

B-II) Contact was established and HPH information was sent to at least 2 potential new members: no (all regional health organisations are memebers of the network)

C) Best practices/good ideas collected and reported at HPH assembly, hphnet.org or here in Progress Report: yes


If you wish to share your experiences in this regard, please feel free to elaborate here:

We'll do that next year once we have started the new programme


2F. How did my network use the WHO-HPH Standards?


My network prioritized working with the standards: yes/no


If yes, priority was given to

  • Standard 1 on Management policy: no

  • Standard 2 on Patient assessment: no

  • Standard 3 on Patient information and intervention: yes

  • Standard 4 on Promoting a healthy workplace: yes

  • Standard 5 on Continuity and cooperation: yes

My network has supported members with using the standards for quality improvement: yes (we have done this few years ago, we now wait for the updated standards)


The status in my network is that members have implemented

  • Standard 1 on Management policy

1.1. The organization identifies responsibilities for HP: implemented

1.2. The organization allocates resources for the implementation of HP: implemented

1.3. The organization ensures availability of procedures for HP data collection/evaluation: partly implemented

  • Standard 2 on Patient assessment

2.1. The organization ensures procedures for all patients to assess their need for HP: implemented

2.2. The HP needs assessment is done at first contact, reviewed and adjusted: implemented

2.3. The HP needs assessment includes external info and is social/cultural sensitive: implemented

  • Standard 3 on Patient information and intervention

3.1. Based on needs, patients are informed and HP plan is agreed: implemented

3.2. The organization ensures access to general information on factors influencing health: implemented

  • Standard 4 on Promoting a healthy workplace

4.1. The organization ensures a healthy and safe workplace: implemented

4.2. The organization ensures a HR Strategy that includes HP: implemented

4.3. The organization ensures procedures to develop/maintain staff awareness on health: not implemented

  • Standard 5 on Continuity and cooperation

5.1. The organization ensures HP services are coherent with regional health policy plans: implemented

5.2. The organization ensures HP for out-patients and after discharge: partly implemented


If you wish to share your experiences in this regard, please elaborate here:

<you can answer in writing or by, for instance, adding a video presentation here>



2G. Standards developed by HPH Task Forces and other relevant standards


My network has worked with standards from the HPH Task Forces on

  • Equity/migrants: yes

  • HPH Children/Adolescents Standards: no

  • Environment: no

  • Age-friendly healthcare: no

My network has worked with other relevant standards: Equity standards


If you wish to share your experiences in this regard, please feel free to elaborate here:

<you can answer in writing or by, for instance, adding a video presentation here>

We coordinate the development and implementation of the standards for equity in healthcare, therefore we will describe relevant activities in the progress report of the Task Force Migration Equity and Diversity.







Part 3: Sharing of knowledge and experience



3A. Additional strategy, priorities and focus areas of my network

My network focused on:

  • The issue of improving equity in health care has been addressed by promoting the integration of the Equity standards with other assessing tools ddeveloped by the Regional Government of Emilia-Romagna (e.i.: Health Equity Audit, Equity Impact Assessment).

  • We are developing a specific strategy to establish a partnership between the HPH network and the Italian network of the League Against Cancer (LILT) both at national and regional level.


3B. My network's connection to National/Regional health policies and strategies

  • HPH is a priority nationally/regionally in health policies, laws and regulations: yes

  • Changes in national/regional health policies have directly influenced my network's activities: yes

  • The national/regional health system is supportive of the development of HPH: yes

  • My network has received recognition/acknowledgment from public authorities/health systems: yes 

If you wish to share your experiences in this regard, please feel free to elaborate here:

<you can answer in writing or by, for instance, adding a video presentation here>

We received support and recognition from public authorities concerning the organisation the 26th international HPH conference in Bologna. Specifically we received an award from the municipality of Bologna for the organisation of the HPH conference.

We receive annual  financial support from the regional government for the managemnt of the HPH regioanl network.


3C. Availability of key HPH documents in my local language


In my local language the following documents exist

In my local language, I would like the following HPH documents to be made available: Consitiution. We also have translated the Equity standards in different languages: Italian, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Dutch, Slovenian, Finnish



3D. My network's untapped resources and needs for further support


My network has untapped resources that could help contribute to the International HPH Network’s fulfilment of its objectives by: NO

<you can answer in writing or by, for instance, adding a video presentation here>


We would like to receive support from the international level of the network through policy and practical guidence that we can use to strengthen out role in the regioanl/national Health system (e.g.: advocate the role of HPH towards decision makers)


<you can answer in writing or by, for instance, adding a video presentation here>



3E. Final comments and ideas


Final comments and ideas from my network are:

<you can add any comment you believe is useful for the international network in writing or by, for instance, adding a video presentation here>




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