The HPH Network of Korea
  • Founded in: 2011

Contact information

National Coordinator: Juhee Ahn



Assistent: Yunhee Jang 



National Medical Center

245 Eulchi-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul South Korea (04564)


Short description of Network

  • HPH Network of the Republic of Korea was established in January 2011 in support of the Steering Committee, National Medical Center.

  • HPH Korea is involved with diverse medical institutions and has expanded to 30 members including regional public hospitals (RPHs), university-affiliated hospitals, and various health service agencies.  

  • HPH Korea holds regular meetings, HPH conferences and schools, and sports events as a part of a collaborative endeavor to spread health promotion programs and HPH.


Three main achievements

As the link between global movements and local actions is pivotal, HPH Korea has played important roles in the following:

  • Setting a research agenda: HPH workshops and HPH schools

  • HPH advocacy: HPH casebook

  • HPH workplace health promotion: sports events


Three major obstacles

In order to ensure sustainability of the HPH network, support from the government, adequate funding, and applicable health-promtion strategies are essential. However, challengs remain due to the following:

  • Insufficient government interest/support

  • Inadequate funding

  • Lack of a development strategy that tackles a number of risk factors in health


Our vision for the future

HPH Network of Korea will do the following:

  • Ensure national norms and standards to provide robust and reliable support for HPH

  • Build an HPH model that reflects the cultural characteristics of Korea through continuous HPH research and development

  • Implement coordinated action for HPH in alignment with IHPH


  • Andong Medical Center 

  • SMG-SNU Boramae Medical Center

  • National Medical Center

  • Seoul Medical Center

  • Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center Icheon Hospital

  • Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center Paju Hospital

  • Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center Suwon Hospital

  • Gangwon-do Wonju Medical Center

  • Gimcheon Medical Center

  • Gunsan Medical Center

  • Chungju Medical Center

  • Korea Association of Health Promotion

  • CheongJu Medical Center

  • Konkuk University Medical Center

  • Seoul North Municipal Hospital

  • Seoul Metropolitan Dongbu Hospital

  • Seoul Metropolitan Seo-Buk Hospital

  • Incheon Medical Center

  • Seoul Metropolitan Seonam Hospital

  • Seoul Metropolitan Children Hospital

  • Korea Population, Health and Welfare Association

  • Seoul Metropolitan Eunpyeong Hospital

  • Daehang Hospital

  • Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

  • Seoul Dental Hospital for Disabled

  • EWHA Womans University Medical Center

  • Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital

  • Gangwondo Yeongwol Medical Center

  • Seongnam Citizen's Medical center

  • Samcheok Medical Center

  • Kangwon National University Hospital


Progress repport 2015-2016

Progress report 2013-2014

Guide to promoting healthy workplaces in healthcare institutions

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