A new network in France?



On a joint HPH / RESPADD meeting on February 19th 2018 in Copenhagen, the potential for a mutually beneficial collaboration was explored.

RESPADD is the French Addiction Prevention Network, which is a non-profit organization aiming to develop a better understanding of addictions in order to improve social perceptions and medical care altogether bringing about better information and more translational dialogues. Formally dedicated to tobacco prevention, the network is growing and acts as a national think tank, comprising experts from several fields, and it intervenes as a driving force in many key matters related to addition and prevention.

RESPADD aims to provide evidence-based approaches to support political actions inspired by best French and European practices to contribute to a reduction of drug-related health and social risks and harms, improving the availability of prevention measures which have been validated, developing methodological tools implementation as motivational interviewing, collating and analysing drug-related information and sharing of knowledge among national stakeholders.

Ntoably, the goal is to develop standard-treatment prevention programs as well as training modules and multidisciplinary task forces to enhance global addiction care management - along with a better understanding of risky behaviours and key features related to psychoactive drugs use.

In a French context, RESPADD is involved in national program evaluations and implementation as well as with pharmacies. The  network also provides training programs, organises national meetings, takes a stance on medical and political issues related to drugs monitoring in the media, and is a key driver of smoke-free hospitals regulations in France.

RESPADD has expressed interest in rekindling national HPH collaborations in France and the formation of a new French HPH Network. This process is currently explored and will be greatly aided by the many HPH documents already available in french - owing to the efforts of the active french-speaking HPH Network in Canada.

The interest and coimmitment of RESPADD to the HPH mission is warmly welcomed, and the further process towards a new French HPH Network will be jointly explored in the remainder of 2018. RESPADD delegates will also take part in the HPH conference in Bologna in order to kick-start this new collaboration.




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