We welcome two new HPH Networks

French National HPH Network

The French National HPH Network is the result of a the work of RESPADD (the French network for prevention of addictions) who took upon them to re-establish the a national network in France.


Anne Borgne is the French HPH coordinator, and the French network consisted of fivemembers at the time of the establishment:


  • Arcachon Health Center

  • Bordeaux University Hospital Center

  • Centre Hospitalier De Libourne

  • Hospital Center Le Mans

  • Nantes University Hospital (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nantes)

RESPADD is a non-profit organization aiming to develop a better understanding of addictions in order to improve social perceptions and medical care altogether bringing about better information and more translational dialogues. Formally dedicated to tobacco prevention, the network is growing and acts as a national think tank, comprising experts from several fields, and it intervenes as a driving force in many key matters related to addition and prevention.

In a French context, RESPADD is involved in national program evaluations and implementation as well as with pharmacies. The  network also provides training programs, organises national meetings, takes a stance on medical and political issues related to drugs monitoring in the media, and is a key driver of smoke-free hospitals regulations in France.

RESPADD, Bordeaux University Hospital Center and the French HPH Network organize a two day Symposium on Health Promotion on September 9-10, 2019



Danish National HPH Network

The Danish HPH Network is another previous network, which have been re-etablished. At the moment the Danish Network consist of four members:


Bispebjerg-Frederiksberg Hospital 

Hospitalsenheden Midt (Viborg)

Nan Sonne - Health Communications

The GP Clinic by Ulf Bern Jensen

The Danish Coordinator is Nan Sonne and the coordinating institution is Nan SOnen Communication, 

Nan is an MD and a chief consultant in Anesthesiology and she has in many years beside her clinical activities worked on Health Communication. Nan Sonne was chosen to represent the Danish members due to her engagement and involvement in health communication and she is looking forward to use her platform and network to support the attraction of new members to the Danish HPH Network.


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