HPH leadership workshop in Taiwan examined how to lead health service delivery reform to achieve SDG3

On October 19, a 2017 Health Promoting Hospitals Leadership Workshop on how to lead organizational health service delivery reform by applying HPH module to achieve universal health gains in SDG3 was held in New Taipei City, Taiwan. It received a total of 65 hospital managers and professors from Indonesia & Taiwan, including the chair and the coordinator of the Indonesian HPH Network.

This workshop was requested by Professor Hadi Pratomo of Universitas Indonesia and designed by Dr. Shu-Ti Chiou, the founder of Taiwan HPH Network, with the aims to help leaders better prepare themselves to the arriving SDG3 targets in Agenda 2030, to examine the HPH module on its relations to people-centered health services and SDG3, to acquire the skills on planning and continuous quality improvement in HPH, and to gain experiences and insights from the leaders of the champion healthcare organizations. Workshop activities included presentations, site visit and discussions. The co-organizers were the International Health Program of Yang-Ming University (Taiwan), Department of Health Education & Behavioral Sciences, School of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia (Indonesia), I-lan Turbid River Foundation for Education (Taiwan), and Yonghe Cardinal Tien Hospital (Taiwan). In addition, management teams of the Cardinal Tien Hospital and Taipei City Hospital attended to accompany Indonesian participants for more direct communications.


Several important insights were gained from the workshop.

  1. HPH is a useful tool to support delivery of people-centered health services to achieve SDG3.

  2. Leadership commitment plus a well-functioning coordinator to apply a planned organizational approach is the key to success.  

  3. HPH initiative did not need much extra budget, but government budget and management policies did help bring more hospitals on board.

  4. Explicit expression of the value of HPH needs to be tailored into local healthcare context to address the most urgent issue there.

Information was provided by: Dr. Shu-Ti Chiou, M.D., Ph.D., Founder and former coordinator of Taiwan Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services; Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Yang-Ming University, Taiwan 

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