HPH Conferences 

The annual International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services (HPH) is the main event of the International HPH Network. It is a forum for learning and exchanging knowledge and experiences on health promotion in and by hospitals and health services. The annual HPH Conference usually attracts a very wide range of professionals - from health practitioners to consultants, scientists, and politicians. On average, the conference hosts about 500 delegates per year.

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Upcoming International HPH Conferences 

The 28th international HPH conference will be held in Seuol, Republic of Korea the first week of June, 2020.

Past International HPH Conferences

HPH Conference in Warsaw, Poland

HPH Conference 2018 in Bologna, Italy

HPH Conference 2017 in Vienna, Austria 

HPH Conference 2016 in Connecticut, USA

HPH Conference 2015 in Oslo, Norway

HPH Conference 2014 in Barcelona, Spain

HPH Conference 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden

HPH Conference 2012 in Taipei City, Taiwan

HPH Conference 2011 in Turku, Finland

HPH Conference 2010 in Manchester, England

HPH Conference 2009 in Crete, Greece

HPH Conference 2008 in Berlin, Germany

HPH Conference 2007 in Vienna, Austria

HPH Conference 2006 in Palanga, Lithuania

HPH Conference 2005 in Dublin, Ireland

HPH Conference 2004 in Moscow, Russia

HPH Conference 2003 in Florence, Italy 

Photos from the international HPH Conference in Bologna, June 6-8, 2018
Credits: AUSL-IRCCS of Reggio Emilia

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