HPH is a WHO-initiated, international network, consisting of about 600 hospitals and health services across the globe. We improve health of patients, staff, and communities by organization-wide integration of health promotion.  

As an international knowledge-hub with 25 national/regional networks, topical task forces and decades of experience, we get organizations started with all things health promotion. Let's help your organization too.

Get an overview of National/Regional HPH Networks and member hospitals and health services in your region. If there is no network where you are yet - get in touch with the International Secretariat in Copenhagen.

Nomination for HPH award for fulfilment of WHO HPH Standards. The award is for HPH member hospitals and health services and the winners will be announced at the 27th intl. HPH conference in Warsaw, May 29-31. Deadline is April 10, 2019. 

The HPH Governance Board have decided that the HPH Newsletter will on the futurre will be published by the international HPH Secretariat in an updated version. 
From the international HPH Secretariat we welcome input and news from HPH National/Regional Networks, HPH Task Forces, HPH Working Groups and our many member hospitals and health services

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