Health Promotion with Children & Adolescents

Health Promotion with Children & Adolescents (Ilaria Simonelli, IT)



The Task Force on Health Promotion for Children and Adolescents by Hospitals (HPH-CA) was set up in April 2004 and is composed by 28 members from 16 European countries, 5 non-European countries, from one European Net-work. The Task Force mandate includes the Promotion of the respect of children’s rights in hospitals, the Mapping and evaluation of current practices of health promotion; the Elaboration of health promotion tools. 


According to the philosophy of the Health Promoting Hospitals movement and its most recent orientations and experiences, the HPH-CA Task force and the related Working group is developing a project aiming to apply HPH principles and criteria to the specific issues of children and adolescents, providing an organic conceptual and operational framework. 

For more information contact the Task Force Leader Ilaria Simonelli.

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