The HPH Network of Australia


This site is for the Regional Network located in Victoria (Australia) and will provide you with easy access to information on international and Australian networks, how to join, resources to use in developing an organised approach to health promotion involving your hospital or health service, inspirational work, evidence of effective practice, and contacts in Australia and upcoming events.



Coordinating Institution  


School of Public Health

Att.: Sally Fawkes, Senior Research Fellow

Health Sciences 1

Bundoora Campus

La Trobe University

Melbourne, 3086



Executive committee

Name: Dr Sally Fawkes (Convenor)                                                          Position/Organisation: Senior Lecturer at School of Public Health and Human Biosciences, La Trobe University


Name: Frank Fisher (Consumer Representative)

Position/Organisation: Faculty of Design & Graduate Programs, National Centre for Sustainability, Swinburne University of Technology


Name: Sue Kearney

Position/Organisation: Manager, Health Promotion and  Communications Dental Health Services Victoria



Name: Janelle Russ

Position/Organisation: Health Promotion Manager Eastern Health


Name: Katherine Simons

Position/Organisation: Program Manager

North Eastern Metropolitan Integrated Cancer Service


Current members

Hospitals/ health services that have joined the Victorian and International Networks are listed below. Click on current members' links to take you to the organisation's website.




The Network is keen to work in partnership with key organisations in Australia to achieve the aims of HPH/HS.


2019 International HPH Network   |   Burchardstrasse 17, 20095 Hamburg, Germany   |   |   Tel: +49 40 22621149-0

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